Sunday, April 5, 2009

The sweetest thing…

(illo by me)

Once upon a time there was a girl who loved cake. Especially little ones – they look so dainty and sweet she thought, too good to eat…but she always did – every last morsel of deliciousness.

I have never been fond of the over-sized wedding cake – stiff like a stack of hat boxes; the cake that never gets eaten entirely (and often, not even partially) and always sacrifices taste for one too many layers of thick, chalky icing.

I did find one notable exception – this magnificent masterpiece; a tower of elaborate wowness.

Indeed impressive and breathtaking in its grandeur, but not the sweet and dainty wedding cake that haunted my dreams.

I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the smaller wedding cake was very fashionable and there were plenty of inspiring ideas out there. While cupcakes were so chic, I immediately fell in love with these little pieces of heaven - so simple but oh so pretty.

I obsessed over their heavenliness for many many nights.

It was decided – eight of these small sweetnesses (about 3 inches high); adorned with a row of scalloped piping and a single, delicate sugar blossom on top. The eight minis will surround a single-tiered cutting cake about the size of a dinner plate, like this one -

The cutting cake would be covered with lots and lots of buttercream icing and strewn with luscious, natural, rambling sugar flowers. It will stand on a 1930's pressed glass cake stand for no other stand would do. They inspire images of English country gardens and Victorian tea parties.
I just can't resist such pretty glassware - I want them all!

Now, all I had to do was find someone to recreate these beauties. She was not very hard to find. After tearing out pictures of several beautiful cakes, I realised that they all happened to be designed by Faye Cahill, cake designing maestro.

After our first meeting with Faye, we were sent home with a box of sample cupcakes – chocolate mud; white chocolate; vanilla rose petal; citrus and strawberry; coconut and white chocolate and almond torte. Oh! Too good I thought. If only they were as yummy as they looked, my dream just may have come true…and they were.