Thursday, April 23, 2009

House of dreams

In most things, the boy and I share very similar tastes. When it comes to food, the weather, friends, what makes for a good night out and even in more serious matters of politics and principles, our opinions rarely divide and are usually in perfect harmony. I use the word “perfect” loosely as we can never really be perfectly harmonious...thankfully, for some of our most cherished memories were born from our disagreements and (my) fits of rage. So, as I was saying, we agree on most things, but, our visions of our house of dreams are from two very different worlds.

I long for a stately home from yester-year – not too large, but large enough for two and two or maybe three more. The boy pictures something with clean, modern lines, filled with space and very little yard. I dream of a beautiful limestone fireplace that warms the room with golden light, white-washed walls infused with the subtleties of age, floor-to-ceiling shelves of masterpieces and classics, timber floors pierced with old life, high ornate ceilings that hang crystal chandeliers and a story-book garden growing cherry blossoms, herbs and berries. At the bottom of the garden would be a magnificent old tree with dark brown arms holding and enfolding stories and secrets in its boughs. Nestled beneath its canopy of a hundred floating voices would be a dear little tree house – a place for solitude and relaxation, for inspiration and imagination, somewhere to dream sweet dreams and become lost in deep thoughts. Whatever our house of dreams will be, I can not wait to bring it to life...with beautiful furnishings...and wonderful scents and smells... to clothe it with love... paint the walls with laughter and good times, nurture a family in it and together with the boy, grow old in it...
Now our love is deep enough to need no frantic gestures. You smile in passing, touch my shoulder. I walk with you in the garden, sharing the last light, the flickering of the bats, the scent of the roses. We are at home in quietness. Passion and the everyday flow from each other, equal expressions of our love.

Charlotte Gray, 1937

Photo credits: 1) Peonies and Polaroids 2) Unknown source 3) Paul Massey 4) Cherry Blossom Girl 5) Unknown source

All other photos by Paul Massey