Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I am officially in holiday mode.

Last night a family gathered together to kick off what will be two weeks of over-eating and celebrating. Mum had cooked up a spicy feast and the evening was filled with endless smiles, laughter and conversation.

Husband and I will be hosting out first dinner party this weekend and we are excited because we love food and we love to cook. So, this last week has been spent deciding on a menu, writing up a very long shopping list on several pieces of paper, a naughty wife spending too much money on fancy (and unnecessary) things like truffle oil, turkish delight and orangle blossom fairy floss, a patient husband putting up with her holiday spending madness and lots and lots of time spent thinking about table decorations and fairy lights.

On the menu:

Cheese and chive tartlets
Spicy herb meatballs
Salt and pepper prawns

Three kinds of salad

Pea, mint and fetta
Warm potatoes with capers
Roasted capsicum with chilli and lime salt

All served up Asian style

Chocolate and hazlenut tart
White chocolate and coconut mousse

OK, i am off to buy some last minute purchases...I think husband is pleased that i lost my credit card two days ago.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Before we got married, Husband and i looked forward to spending evenings together where nothing really happens and not much is said, but on such nights as tonight, a simple meal of fish and greens is washed down with cheap wine; the windows are left open to welcome in a sweet breeze; a tired Husband rubs my feet while we watch episodes of Jamie (the early years) and i start dreaming up recipes of lavendar jelly with coconut and white chocolate mousse...